Puppy news

Ok so the story so far,

It was a sad day when we lost Spirit our security operative and family pet, However we knew the day was coming and had already agreed that we did not want to be without a replacement, well not that you could replace Spirit,

For those of you that never met him but visited the office his bark was worse than his bite. But he never let us down and we always had plenty of notice when anyone was around both during and outside office hours.


So after much discussion and a lot of internet searching the decision was taken  we would get a female German Shepard.

Oh yes and a female Rottweiler also so they had company for each other. and that would save Angelique sleeping on the floor next to the cage for a week in case there was any whining.

So we chose the breeders and arranged visits and chose the two girls the Rottweiler was a month older so she would arrive 1st

So on the Wednesday the 9th of September I set off with Skye to Birmingham to collect Storm

On arriving at the breeders, Storm was all packed and ready for her trip to her new home, now being one for a challenge after talking to Ken the breeder a deal was done ( I do like a deal) and not only Storm but her brother Raven also would be coming home.

The look of excitement on Skye's face when she realised was a picture. So both puppy's loaded into the car and we set off back home, quick call to Angelique to let her know all was well and we where on our way back.

Oh no hang on 1st I had to tell Skye not to mention when on the phone that we had 2 puppies that was going to be a surprise, It was very hard for her to contain her excitement  but she managed the secret was safe.

So trip home was not too eventful well windows wide open on a few occasions but lucky that was just caused by wind (from the puppies)

On arriving home everyone waiting in the office Skye took over Storm before I let the secret out about Raven.

Well whats the problem if you are going to have 2 puppies 3 isn't going to be that much worse is it ?